Ecogreen homestay to Kovalam- 230 Kms.
Frequent K.S.R.T.C Buses are Available – Rs. 120/- per person.
Frequent Trains are available from Chalakudy station (2 Kms from Ecogreen)
Rs. 70/- per person NON AC and AC – Rs. 260/- per person.

varkalaVarkala Beach is also famous for its landscape. A high rocky cliff ends abruptly and a stretch of clear sand extends down to the sea. The contrast between the cliffs, sand and sea makes Varkala Beach a striking sight. The sunset at Varakala Beach is truly breathtaking with the sun sinking into the sky like a ball of molten gold as the sun and sea are tinged with crimson and vermilion. See the magnificent sunset at Varkala Beach on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater

Varkala spa, 42 km away from Thiruvanathapuram, is the best spot along Kerala coast for watching sunset. The sight of the sun melting into the sea would blossom your poetic sense. The mineral water gushing from the hill is believed to have medicinal properties. The Varkala sands has become an ideal spot for confluence of cultures exotic and alien.